The JCE editorial board encourages experienced researchers, but also young researchers, PhD candidates and researchers from the business sector, to publish the results of empirical research and meta-analyses in our journal.  Through the blind review process, with clear instructions on structuring scientific papers according to the IMRaD principle, authors will have the opportunity to, if necessary, improve the quality of their papers. On the other hand, in the revision process, the reviewers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest achievements in various areas of the modern economy, and with the results of empirical research.

The OSR principle implies that papers sent for review in the journal must be original (O - originality), significant in terms of a clear contribution to theory, policies and managers (S - significance), and methodologically rigorous (R - Rigorous), in a way that in the presentation of the research results, they apply modern statistical and econometric methods and models, which ensure the verifiability of the results and the repetition of experiments.